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Fedora marketing revitalization

As a last hackfest item before my flight, we’re talking with Red Hat’s press/comms superstar Leigh Day about Fedora marketing. She is leading a mini-design thinking session with us around everything from our communications mechanism to how we handle event planning and execution.

We’ll have to rely upon someone else here to transcribe our notes, but I’m going to do a quick capture here to generate some insight into what we’ve been talking about. Naturally, all of this is going to go right back to fedora-marketing-list for further discussion and work.

Problem statement — Need a long-term, sustainable marketing and communications plan by March.


  • Fedora Messaging Guide:
    • Folks/friends
    • Freedom
    • Features
  • Call for spokespeople
  • Event kit (table cloth, collateral, CDs, sellables and giveaways)
  • Prioritize events and build a schedule
  • Future of FUDCon
    • Raleigh 2008 attendees numbers roughly:
      • 30 sessions
      • 200 attendees
      • Some attendance funded by Fedora (6)
    • Invite FLOSS press
    • Work out the relationship with the Red Hat Summit

Other notes:

  • Communication mechanism
  • Messaging – “Get shit done”
  • Lack of spokesperson consistency
    • “Lawless” process
    • Needs repetition/theme
  • Summit presence/FUDCon/Events
  • Long-term comms plan/process