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Summer coding project ideas for Fedora

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere has been very busy the last few years since Google introduced its Summer of Code project. Folks are beginning to include the Southern Hemisphere. The Summer of Content from OLPC already plans to cover both Summers with two project rounds per year. Summer is a traditional time for students to take a break from studies, and the Summer project ideas build upon an existing history of programming interns from universities and colleges earning experience and compensation.

The Fedora Project, although not the most active Google Summer of Code participant, has a strong history of intern involvement through Red Hat provided interns and institutions such as the University of Toronto and North Carolina State University.

This is all to say that when you put an idea in the Fedora Summer coding space, there is a chance it might fuel a proposal for more than just Google’s project. Who knows where it can go?

Next time I visit this topic, I’ll present some evidence of where good ideas went through Summer coding projects of one sort or another, and what the result was.

(You may have noticed the different URL and moniker of “SummerCoding”. I am proposing a new SIG to be an umbrella over all these activities, which would include the Google SoC participation as well as others. This new SIG’s main page is at