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Insert favorite Elvis joke here

You may wonder why I don’t use, “Elvis has left the building.” Because he ain’t left, he’s still hanging around, causing a smell in some datacenter in Brisbane, AU.

Now, now, I shouldn’t be unkind to this workhorse that has been the upstream for so many Red Hat projects over the years. But now that the new, young hosting buck is in the house, Elvis can retire and sip Mai-Tai’s all day in his satin Bahamian jumpsuit.

What is happening is simply that we’re doing a final push to get all modules migrated from elvis to a VCS hosted by the Fedora Project, coming to conclusion this Monday 18 February. Once all modules are within Fedora, we can more easily connect them to Transifex.

Dimitris said something important earlier today that I want to highlight:

We can’t replace a proven (monolithic) system with a highly scalable, distributed one, nor build a new localization platform or community overnight. But we *can* work on it given enough time and bug reports.

So remember kids — collaboration includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you haven’t replied to many emails we’ve sent you, the time to do it is now. If you are a translator or developer and have any problems with the migration or Transifex, either let us know or file a bug report.

Open communication and honesty are cornerstones of the open source methodology. In case anyone forgot. 🙂