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Summer coding 2008 with Fedora and

Just spotted the word that the combined projects of Fedora and are accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2008.

Fedora’s project ideas page is here, and’s is here.

This is the first year that the two organizations have worked together. This was partially at the direction of Google; with so many organizations vying for mentoring slots, it made sense for us to work under one organization. One of my jobs, since I sort-of have a foot in both worlds, is to help us work together effectively.

Now our work in both Fedora and is:

  1. Fill up the ideas pages more
  2. Talk with potential students
  3. Answer questions and encourage people to make proposals

Interested students should be told to look at the ideas pages and the main Google Summer of Code pages.

One more tip: many of these students are new to open source projects. There is plenty of reading they can be doing to understand how the Google side works; make sure they do that reading and don’t get you to do it for them. You are looking for students who know how to ask smart questions and stuff like that. Or at least show the possibility of learning those skills quickly.

More to come via the Fedora planet, especially since Bob McWhirter, the lead, is aggregated there. Also, watch the Fedora Summer Coding 2008 pages. Mentors and those interested in mentoring should begin discussions on fedora-mentors-list.