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Document Freedom Day and a taste of bittersweet irony

While I was enjoying my colleague Ruth’s video for Document Freedom Day, I was struck by the irony that to get her message out widely, she was forced to write to a non-free format (Flash). “From our frying pan we leaped … and landed in another frying pan.” Fedora is often in this situation where, regardless of our stances, we are relying upon video on You Tube to convey a message. Another favorite irony on You Tube is the “How software patents work”, which conveys it’s message using Flash that relies upon patented codecs for rendering video and audio.

Anyway, Ruth’s video is a great juxtaposition of the various hard formats (paper through Betamax to MicroSD flash) that have gone by the wayside over the years, and a reminder of what is at stake with document formats holding our copyrighted content hostage:

Happy Document Freedom Day!