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Talking with developers

The standard Fedora presentation is to show:

  • what is Fedora?
  • who is Fedora?
  • why does Fedora matter?
  • how do you join the open source movement?

I’m going to give a variation of that at CommunityOne in a few weeks, and be prepared to answer questions on those topics plus others in the “Operating System Community Panel.” However …

  • what do we want to say to the developers in that audience?
  • who are they?
    • Java/J2EE developers
    • other languages?
    • interested in open communities
    • already contributing somewhere

… and so I am going to include/emphasize:

  • OpenJDK6 in Fedora 9 (and F8?)
  • Fedora as best of what is now and …
  • how Fedora feeds into the best of seven years future (RHEL, EPEL)
  • why is changing to that model and …
  • how cool is that! ponder …
  • JBoss Tools and, oh, yeah, we have Eclipse packages too
  • IcedTea 7 in Fedora 9 (and F8?)
  • … and don’t talk about JDK5

Let me know if you have any other ideas of what I should add. When I get a first pass at a revised presentation up, I’ll publish and post and all that.