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Free distro love – an audiocast

When we met at CommunityOne to have a “battle of the GNU/Linux distros,” (or “smackdown” as Barton called it,) I didn’t expect it to be imbalanced.  But it was.  There was entirely too much love, respect, and violent agreement for me.

You can witness for yourself by hoisting down this audiocast that includes a cool cast of characters. OGG if you are cool, MP3 if you drool.  It weighs in at :45+ minutes, but it’s a fun and informative listen.

From Sun, Barton George deftly led the interview as the Iconoclastic Toastmaster, and Glynn Foster not only brought the OpenSolaris scene (and live CDs), but he also had an upstream perspective from his years in GNOME.  From Novell and OpenSUSE, Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier had a very fresh view through the eyes of someone who has been on the free and open source software scene for a very long time.  From Canonical and Ubuntu, Jono Bacon served his brand of wit and style while keeping his rapier strikes accurate.  I held down the Red Hat and Fedora side of the tent.

Out of this day and discussion I seem to be teeming with new thoughts and things to write.  Rather than write them here, I am going to slice and parse them into meaningful posts over time, let it influence my thinking, and see where it goes.