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Relate to this!

Not like I plot out my career. For real. I follow my instincts, heart, and then my head, so I’m less good at metrics and more good at, “It feels right.” The goal is similar, though — find a good spot where I can generate the most value for the shareholders, make the most difference for the community, and feel the best about what I’m doing. Happy to say, “Eureka!

Sometime in the last few shady months, I moved over to the Community Architecture team full-time. Rather than reaching across and through organizational lines to do community work in my ‘spare time,’ after all these years of dreaming of the “full time Fedora Docs lifestyle!”, I am going to attempt a highly public having-my-cake-and-eating-it-too. I’ll shift my title to something fancy and industry-standard, such as “Senior Community Relations Manager,” I’ll continue to keep my focus on all things developer, and jam it all together with the stuff I do right now in Fedora plus whatever the future brings. All just more solidly from the two-hats position of Comm Arch.

My career at Red Hat has been an evolving one, literally metamorphic, changing from one role in to another, from a shadowy association with our community to a solid presence sifting idea packets and cracking project names. From professional services consultant to Engineering tech writer, on to developer relations (ogg) and developer content editor. I enjoy taking on challenging new projects, and it seems our community interaction is a non-stop … challenging … new thing … one right after the other.

It’s unclear if others who have moved to full-time Fedora-slash-community roles are thoroughly satisfied by it. After all, what is thorough? But those are some rather big steps already made, made in the full eyes of the public, and I can’t help but be wickedly nervous.

Here I go to put all my goals up on the wiki. ๐Ÿ™‚