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ISV SIG pages receive love

Did a little clean-up of the page contents and naming for the independent software vendors (ISV) special interest group (SIG) pages.

One of the goals I am pouring more personal resources in to is the recruitment and support of ISVs for getting packages in to Fedora.  Now that the Fedora 11 schedule is set, we can start getting ISVs to aim for that target.  As one example, ISVs are collaborating on finding, using, or maintaining packages for JARs not in Fedora.  (If you are interested in helping with ideas around Fedora and JPackage, contact me.)

This came about because I was tired of ‘ISV’ as a search term turning up no real results from Fedora’s MediaWiki.  So, as part of this, I setup or fixed redirects so related terminology finds the same location.  It’s still a bit disconcerting that ‘isv’ doesn’t turn up a hit in the search; I need to look in to why it is configured in MediaWiki that way.