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Functional areas of Docs Project

This is a blatent swipe of my original email to the list.  I’m revealing some of the interesting bits we’re going through in the Docs Project in improving our processes using the wiki in smart ways.  I’m hoping this is useful for other projects who want to renovate their presence on the Fedora wiki, which serves as the main project face for most contributor groups.

Thinking about our various processes, it seems a good idea to put them in functional areas.  A process might be used in one or multiple parts of the project.  For example, a process for requesting access to a document on is used in many functional areas, such as recruiting, training, writing, editing, and publishing.

How does this list of functional areas look:

  • Recruit
  • Train
  • Gather information
  • Write
  • Edit
  • Publish
  • Steer/govern
  • Project manage

… what is missing?

My thought from here is to:

  1. Leave each process page in a master [[Category:Docs Project process]], which happens after wikibot runs from our docsproject.psv choices.
  2. Add each process page to one or more sub-categories, for example [[Category:Docs Project recruiting process]].  The pattern of “Docs Project something process” is pretty clean and clear.  This avoids obscuring acronyms, for example SOP for ‘standard operating procedure’.

We’ll want a master page for each functional area, and it links to each of the other pages used in that process that also happen to be in the same sub-category.  The sub-category page is a nice way to see all pages in a process.

This is my thinking so far in how to improve our processes, clean-up the content, and use a MediaWiki-smart approach.