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Two reasons to read the Mentor Summit wiki

You may let go of your breath now, the wiki for the Google Summer of Code 2008 Mentor Summit is now available. (It took a little bit for all the mentors to have a chance to remove any content that was not intended for public view, since the original wiki had been mentors-only with people’s private data such as cell phones and travel details.)

There are two reasons I think this wiki is important and worth a read:

  1. These are the mentors for the software projects you care most about, who guided students through the GSoC experience.  There were many metric tonnes of brain power and experience packed in to that conference, everyone was a heavy lifter wherever they came from.   A good amount of the results of the two days sessions are packed in to that little wiki.  There is a lot of juice to squeeze from it.
  2. It’s a kick-ass example of a wiki built during a conference.  The days were a mix of hackfest and un-conference.  A good amount of those sessions were documented.  I strive to see FUDCon wiki efforts approach this in terms of coverage and depth.  (I wish I had a portion of the stamina that Leslie Hawthorn has for cracking the whip and reminding people to put it on the wiki, put it on the wiki, put it on the wiki.)

If you’ve got any questions about the summit, Eugene Teo and Manik Surtani were there too, and I’m happy to answer any questions about it.