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Mentors with ideas – Google Summer of Code is a’calling

Hey Fedora contributors!  Have you got a hot idea you are willing to mentor a student on for this coming Summer?  Post it on the Summer coding project ideas for 2009 wiki page.  That is our premier list for the Google Summer of Code 2009. For good advice, read this article of advice for mentoring organizations, and remember — be specific … no, be general.

We need lots of mentors to review proposals.  If you are interested in mentoring in general or in specific, with or without your own ideas, please add yourself to our mentors list for 2009.  Some students will have their own ideas, or need your help to expand on an idea.  This is a key form of participation.

If you are generally interested in the idea of mentoring these or similar efforts, our Summer coding special interest group is overseeing those efforts.