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Measuring community contributions at LF Collaboration Summit

Folks at the Linux Foundation have just posted a bunch of video from the 2009 Collaboration Summit, including our panel on 8 April, Measuring Community Contribution (Flash video 🙁 … but they do have a downloadable OGG!)  Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier (OpenSUSE community manager) led the panel that included James Bottomly (Linux kernel SCSI maintainer etc.), Dan Frye (IBM’s VP of their open source dev group), Jono Bacon (Ubuntu community manager), and me.  You can see lots of sympatico between everyone, good will, and all that.  Call me a pushover, but I like these guys. :)  You can also hear the nice discussion between Bottomly and Frye, where they are in violent agreement over past IBM mistakes, which The Reg tried to turn in to a controversy.

(Updated with correct date of Wednesday 8 April for the panel.)