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‘Participate or Die’ presentation from LinuxFest Northwest

Running a little late posting these because I wanted to produce a nice set of speaker notes, and they didn’t exist before I gave the talk at LinuxFest Northwest. In addition, there were some slides that were missing from the presentation (my bad!), which had me going to a Web browser during the talk and bringing the images up.

Ver. 0.1 – Impress (ODP, 134K)

Ver. 0.1. – Portable Document Format (PDF, 197K)

Use these for reference only. The ready-to-use-by-anyone version is coming next, it will be ver. 0.2 and is the one I am preparing for Sun’s CommunityOne in June. It’s a minor but important rewrite based on feedback from m’man Mr. Clint Savage. He suggested I create a story arc around “essential truths”, that is, tie back to certain statements I make or repeat as essential truths about why you must participate or die. When that one is done, I’ll tie it in somehow to the Fedora presentations page on the wiki.

Thanks also to Mr. Adam Williamson for his general feedback and participation during the talk, and especially the gracious and awesome hosts of LFNW, the rest of the audience attending, and all the people who asked questions and jumped in to the discussion. Participation, after all, is essential for survival. So raise your hand and ask away!