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Presenting ‘Participate or Die’ at CommunityOne Monday 01 June

If you, your friends, colleagues, business associates, or just about anyone who needs …

  • Support for how and why to invest resources in open source
  • A cluebat about why your organization should participate in upstream projects

… then send them to Esplanade 302 for my 11:50 am session this Monday 01 June, the first day of CommunityOne.  I’ll be presenting ‘Participate or Die‘, which is my more aggressive talk that shows real numbers, reasons, and evident truths about why you must participate in open communities that matter to your person and business.  Or, well, die.

If you intend to still be in business in the next few years, now is the time to take the proper strategic view about your participation and contribution to open source projects.

This is Sun’s CommunityOne event that happens concurrently with JavaOne.  However, I’m aware that this is also Oracle’s house, and the last time I was at the Moscone Center when it was Oracle’s house our host did not treat us very nicely.  I expect better treatment this year, but just in case, I’ll be packing my Unfakeable Linux t-shirt.

To make things really clear, though, I’ll be appearing in one of my favorite t-shirts, the VA Linux Systems one that says, “Open source. It’s the difference between trust and antitrust.” (Close-up of shirt back and what it looks like on a smart thinker.)