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We don’t document bugs but there is a page for that …

For a number of releases the bug triage team and others have maintained a common bugs page.  The idea is to make it simpler for a Fedora user to know if i) a behavior they have seen is already recognized as a bug, and ii) what there is to do about it (if anything).  It’s also useful to review in advance of installing/upgrading.

The Common F11 Bugs page is bigger and better than ever.  That doesn’t mean there are more bugs this release, it means the testing and triage teams are working overtime to make this an even more valuable resource.

This page documents common bugs in Fedora 11 and, if available, fixes or workarounds for these problems. If you find your problem in this page, do not file a bug for it, unless otherwise instructed. Where appropriate, a reference to the current bug(s) in Bugzilla is included.

Improving and easing testing/QA for the last few releases has not only been a major focus in the Fedora community, I think we are in the area of “something to be proud of.”

Personally, I enjoyed lurking on #fedora-docs, watching Adam Williamson, QA guru, interact with everyone in the Docs Team around late-breaking release notes and bug reporting needs.  I’m watching the organically laid paths we put down over the years being found and useful to the current teams.  Sweet.