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Fedora and OSCON and you?

We’re getting ready to represent Fedora at OSCON next week and are curious if you are coming?  Wondering if you’ve thought about representing Fedora yourself?

The expo is Wed. 22 July and Thu. 23 July, opening at 10 am both days.

Although the Fedora Ambassador presence worldwide is large and strong, not exactly the same is true in Northern California.  Strong, yes; large, no.  Good news!  There’s room for you.

We don’t have a lot of exhibitor passes to share each day, but the expo hall is free to the public.  That means we can get in as many of you Fedora Ambassador-trainees as show up.  At the least, we’ll try to get you a comfie Fedora t-shirt, some other schwag, some copies of Fedora 11 to impress your friends and foil your enemies, and otherwise show you a good time.

If there is anyone who has done a bit more with Fedora and wants to represent, we’d love to give you some free reign at our OSCON table.  If you want to help with booth setup, breakdown, and be around extra, contact us about the availability of an exhibitor pass.

If you are new to participating in Fedora, now is a great chance to get a bit closer!

Let us know you are coming by adding your name to the wiki, along with contact information.  Or drop by #fedora-ambassadors on, I’m called ‘quaid’, Larry is ‘lcafiero’.