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Alfresco packaging for Fedora

Alfresco is one of the applications I’ve heard regular chatter around, “It would be great if it were packaged for Fedora.” In fact, the breakdown of JARs and some of the dependencies for Alfresco was one of the starting actions of the Fedora ISV special interest group.

Do you have any interest in seeing Alfresco packaged for Fedora?  Having it in an EPEL repository for use in Red Hat Enterprise Linux v.5 (& v.4?) would be great …

Do you have any skill and experience at estimating how much work is involved in the packaging effort for Alfresco?

Recall that Fedora Release Engineering specifically recommends, 1.) get your package in, 2.) put it in Fedora, 3.) maintain it in both.  That’s the recommended way to prepare for the future, whatever it holds.

Why am I asking?  I’ll tell you …

Someone with a desire to see Alfresco packaged for their enterprise environment + willingness to invest resources has asked me about this effort.

The first thing I need to deliver is an estimate that lets them know if they should continue pursuing this route or pull back and do an ugly wrapper-package that doesn’t use system libraries and other horrenduous ugliness we don’t want them to suffer under.  You all know how it is …

This is a chance for a few dedicated folks to get together and produce a fine set of packages for a much-desired enterprise CMS.  If you are interested, leave a comment to this post, or contact me via the usual places.