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Observe the operating room – wiki2xml sprint for FOSS textbook

There is a work sprint you might be interested in observing or participating in if you …

  • Use MediaWiki for writing long works and want to see how it is to convert to DocBook XML.
  • Want to know more about using DocBook XML and the Publican publishing toolchain.
  • Enjoy watching people edit XML like mad.

We’ll meet Friday 26 March starting at 1400 UTC in #teachingopensource on (or WebUI at and continue through the weekend until done.  Full schedule and participation details are on the Teaching Open Source wiki.

As part of the work of giving college/university-level educators the experiences and tools they need to effectively teach participation in free/open source software projects, we’ve been working on a textbook.

The textbook, “Practical Open Source Software Engineering”, is releasing a first functional version, 0.8, this coming Monday 29 March.  The goal is to see it in use in at least one classroom this spring, which we’ve been discussing on the Teaching Open Source mailing list.