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Source repository for The Open Source Way

One of the goals of writing “The Open Source Way: Creating and nurturing communities of contributors” is to make a book that can be remixed for community work in any way someone needs, including customized branding and output to formats such as HTML, PDF, Epub, and so forth.  In making the book I did a bit more than convert from MediaWiki to DocBook XML.  I converted the XML to build using Publican, the publishing toolchain, and stored the work in a local git repository.

That git repository is now available on Fedora Hosted:

You can follow our guidelines on how to get the source and how to build it, or if you want to contribute you can use this to-do list:

Short-cut available. If any existing committer knows you and your work, that committer can sponsor you immediately for a wiki account and access to the git repository.

On an unrelated point, I was finally able to build a favicon.ico from the SVG I got from Josh Gajownik, Red Hat stellar brand design lead.  Along with the clean site design, we finally have a look for The Open Source Way that I can hopefully translate to a Publican brand package.  We also seem to have a universal preference for two important acronyms:

  • toswthe open source way — lowercase usage refers to the community-defined methodology.
  • TOSWThe Open Source Way — uppercase usage refers to the community-created book (wiki + rendered builds.)

Thus, keep your eyes out for the `publican-TOSW` package I’ll be working on.