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Do you like knocking on doors?

As it happens, I don’t.  I’m a bit terrified by it.

But many people relish the opportunity to help someone solve a problem they didn’t even know they had, or did know but didn’t know who to turn to.  Or they have it solved, but in an unsatisfactory way.  That’s where the people who will knock on doors and explain things come in very handy.

We need help to find sponsors for the Fedora Students Contributing project.  (This has been called the Fedora Summer Coding project this past summer in the Northern Hemisphere.)

You get the opportunity to:

  • Grow a coalition of organizations interested in the many opportunities a student contribution program brings everyone.  (Organizations such as corporations, K20+ schools, private- and public-interest non-profits, small government, etc.)
  • Engage in a sales-like role, yet different criteria and stakes.
    • Stretch yourself!
    • Use skills you have already that aren’t exercised in FOSS projects!
  • Take a significant role in growing a proven education program in a major FOSS project.

As existing resources:

Contact me directly or, even better, join the SIG mailing list and let us know your interest.