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First fall textbook sprint

This Monday 8 November from 1600 to 2200 UTC we’ll be having the first writing sprint for the next version of the Practical Open Source Software Exploration textbook.  Anyone interested in helping or watching should meet in #teachingopensource on (webchat interface.)  You can attend all, some, or none of the sprint. 🙂

I’ve been having a difficult time getting organized and starting the big work on the next edition of the textbook. However, my recent calls for help have gained a fair amount of attention and multiple really good offers, so we are clearly underway again.

My goals in calling for this first sprint are to:

  1. Start a writing rhythm for the team;
  2. Take care of some administrivia (decide upon weekly work times, order of work, etc.)
  3. Get some initial writing done that may still help the Teaching Open Source professors who are using parts of this textbook this school semester.

See you on IRC bright and early (for me) on Monday!  (This weekend is the end of daylight savings in most of North America.)