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Sadly skipping SCALE 9x, too

Similar to how things worked out for me and FUDCon this year, I have to cancel attending SCALE 9x this year.

I had a talk to give, “Decentralized Collaboration with Open Source Tools: Technical and Cultural Implementation“, which thankfully Robyn Bergeron is giving on Sunday, and I’m sure it will be at least three times more interesting than if I did it. (This was one I inherited from Mel and Sebastian when they couldn’t attend.)

This year I planned to give two workshops … and scrapping those is a big disappointment, but I will re-imagine them for next year.

The first workshop was a half-day mini-Professors Open Source Summer Experience (POSSE) focused on Sugar and the XO laptop. Save that one for next year!

The second was a half-day workshop, “How to teach the open source way“. I have a new idea for all my talk proposals this year, and for SCALE I wanted to try it as a workshop. The goal is to turn a round-table discussion about the open source way (including an introduction to the handbook) in to something more. For a 3+ hour workshop, the first hour is sharing experiences, learning about different viewpoints in the room, and capturing information. The second and following hours are hands-on the wiki and mailing list, adding content from the session (video segments shot live, stories written, chapters edited), creating new threads on the mailing list, etc.

Anyway, that’s my rocking idea – I proposed something like that for OSCON, for the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, and I’m going to propose something like that for everything this year. Even with 40 minutes or an hour, if I come in with an active plan I bet I can get people doing stuff in that timeframe that benefits everyone’s knowledge while benefiting the project.

*sigh* See you all next time.