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Thinking about an audiocast for The Open Source Way

OK, so we’ve got this interesting, upstream, canonical, referenceable community to write cleverly and talk about the principles of the open source way. Also, hey, let’s gather some details on how to implement these principles! But *yawn*, pardon me, even a genius can’t make that prose very interesting. It needs some stories.

A big part of researching and teaching about the open source way is being able to tell illustrative stories to bring home the reasons why you want to implement the principles. So the handbook has a chapter devoted to that, “Great stories to tell“. I’d like to keep doing more there.

One idea is to have a regular (twice-a-month) audiocast discussion about current events in the world and look at them with the lens of the open source way.

Ideally these would be stories beyond software and technology. There is so much transparency going on in the world, so many open collaborations, and so many stories of people doing things “just like they do in open source software.” That is what is filled with.

So I need a partner, and some occasional guests.

A partner who can:

  • Get on the mic with me a few times a month to discuss extemporaneously about current events and the open source way.
  • Bely the extemporaneous nature by doing a bit of preparation with me – picking show topics, preparing links.
  • Be willing to do the entire project the open source way – from tooling to how we make decisions for the show. The open source way doesn’t mean we give up control, but we do increase transparency to full.
  • Grow the show with me and others’ help, including a point in the (near?) future where we do the initial recording live while engaging with a live audience.

Guests who can:

  • Bring an informed opinion, backed up by facts, on the subject of applying the open source way to a domain of expertise or interest.
  • Have stories to tell that go beyond just techology.
  • Be willing to work on the show in the open source way, too.

Are you that person? Know of the right person?

About me, if you don’t know me:

  • I can be very, very loquacious.
  • I can be funny, but am (as is typical) much funnier with certain people than others. Being funny together for the show would be just awesome.
  • I tend to talk too fast especially when I get passionate, but I’m a fairly good listener.
  • I have a secret desire to be on the air.