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Astronomy curriculum for Fall 2011

My 13-year-old daughter wanted to take an astronomy class at the local community college, but alas it was full with actual college students. (She can start taking classes at 13, and this was a first interest.)

Instead we are going to watch lots of astronomy videos and see what that inspires. Maybe a new project? Also, she has a former teacher who took us up to her ridge-top-clear-view-in-the-Santa-Cruz-Mountains home for some telescoping, and we’d like to arrange for that again. Maybe after she dreams up a new project? One project I suggested was to study up, then take her own video of the night sky and narrate it, then edit it for a short piece on … something.

So I’m going to use this post and regularly update it with the videos we or she are going to watch or did watch, just so we get a nice running total. I’ll also link in the websites we use, etc.

  • – I plan to get this book and possibly use it as a core item, since I think the cosmology and humanistic viewpoint will appeal to Malakai.
  • – Yeah, I know, i could just start and stop here. 🙂