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Elderflower lemonade (cocktail)

My wife is a big fan of a St. Germaine and champagne cocktail. Recipes vary, ours is (dry) champagne, St. Germaine’s elderflower liquer, lemon (I’ve seen some use limoncello, but ick, give me real lemon anytime), and a lemon twist. Our local favorite cocktail houses serve it in a flute or wide (martini) cocktail glass.

But when we want a bubbly lift without all the alcohol, we might make an elderflower lemonade cocktail:

  • Fill a tall glass 2/3rds with ice.
  • Fill glass 3/4ths with plain sparkling water.
  • Use a zester or peeler to make a long lemon zest twist, then cut the lemon in half.
  • Cover the lemon with a cloth before squeezing or squeeze through a screen to catch seeds, then squeeze entire lemon in to glass.
  • Add 1+ ounce St. Germain’s elderflower liquer, or to taste. You are looking for the point where the sweet just cuts the tart enough to be drinkable, but it still makes you want to pucker a bit – tart, not too sweet.
  • Rub twist around glass rim, squeeze to bruise the skin to release more oils, and top drink.

Days must be getting warmer, eh?