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Return of Fairytale Fridays and Sauerkraut Classes

This summer we have restarted the salon-style events here at Fairytale Farm – Fairytale Fridays. We’re also offering an array of classes every Saturday morning.

Every Friday we’re holding a community-space event, free to attend. We’re drawing in musicians to play for us, giving garden tours peppered with urban farm wisdom, something artsy/craftsy and fun for the kids, and featuring the treats of our own Pumpkin Peddlers.

This Friday 19 July we begin offering a dinner as well. It will be vegetarian (usually vegan) with a dish from the day’s garden harvest, and usually a pot of beans and/or a delicious grain. Once you are done, you can follow it up with fresh-fruit pie or one of the non-gluten brownies-to-die-for and cookies-to-live for of our new mobile bakers. If you plan to attend, please let us know so I know how much to prepare. 

On Saturday 20 July from 10 to Noon I’ll be teaching how to make sauerkraut and kim chee. We’ve done this class before a few years ago with great success, and we’ve watched how much more interest there is in the fermentation arts wherever we look! For $39 you get instruction on making sauerkraut and kim chee via hands on and lecture. We’ll supply the vegetables, utensils, and send you home with a jar of your freshly made ferment. More details and sign-up on the class page.