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GSoC at CentOS office hours

I love how KB started CentOS Project online office hours right after our joint announcement about the new relationship between Red Hat and CentOS. I don’t think this sort of thing was happening before, but it’s now a regular part of exposing the inter-workings of the new CentOS Governing Board.

This Monday 10 February at 16:00 UTC (yes, that’s 8 am in California for me) we’ll be talking about CentOS and the Google Summer of Code. You can watch via the YouTube channel or, and participate in IRC on #centos-devel on Freenode,  Here’s my quick agenda for the hour:

  • Quick summary of what Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is.
  • Overview of what is possible to do with GSoC for CentOS.
  • What we have so far.
  • What we need to work on now (this week), next (following few weeks), and for the summer (full program length.)

See you there!