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All we love and cherish is of the nature to change and grow apart from us

There is no escaping this separation

the five remembrances of the Dharma

Dear ones,

Hello, and welcome to the end of my silence out here as I navigate how every aspect of my life has changed, including and especially my own wild heart.

Now that I no longer work for Red Hat but rather run my own consultancy, Open Community Architects (OCA), I’ve decided to have OCA publish a good portion of the content I want to write that once fit best here. This is for two clear reasons, in this order:

  1. OCA represents my current vision and understanding for how to do this Open Collaboration thing, so it is the natural and better platform for those ideas, opinions, and contributions/artifacts. And as OCA grows with other humans, their voices will help evolve the OCA voice just as I’m sure my own mind will evolve. (Constant mind evolution is one of my motivations of engaging in Open Collaboration.)
  2. It is the best content to write for search engine results around the business.

So that’s a whole portion of the content that was traditionally on this blog — Open Community-related content but just MHO (my humble opinion.) With that merged into a new upstream repo-for-my-thoughts, what remains is largely the portion of this blog about me and aspects of my personal life over the years, like family and urban farming.

My personal life has undergone a lot of changes in the last few years, and I know I’m not alone in that — I see you and how hard it’s been for you, too.

For me, big changes include getting divorced in 2022 after 24 years of marriage, and no longer being with Red Hat after 21.5 years Spring 2023. I’m working slowly but surely each day toward feeling and being relatively autonomous and self-regulating.

There is a lot I want to write, long-form posts and essays, articles, poems, short fiction, etc. But that really has nothing to do with my “i, quaid” brand. That is instead “Karsten Wade”, and my intention is whatever I choose to write about my personal life, experiences, sorrows, wishes, and all creative output under my own given name is now going on

That leaves the “i, quaid” blog for … I’m not entirely sure what, but I do think I’ll have things to say in this public sphere where it’s not about any of the above specific things. It is going to continue on this website, however much it is and whenever it wants to come to life.

i, quaid am of the nature to die, there is no escaping death

– personalization of the third remembrance