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OpenSource World? NOT!


With the rename to “OpenSource World (TM)”, the former LinuxWorld made it clear what many of us knew before then.  The show had seriously dropped in relevance, not only for business but also for the Linux communities.  Aren’t the open source projects the lifeblood for all of the commercial vendors present?  If so, why was […]

Apache Hadoop in Fedora? Let’s ask Cloudera


If you happen to be a user of Apache Hadoop, or want to use Cloudera‘s cloud software, it is available as an RPM from the company’s website.  Oh, with a long set of installation instructions that include extracting RPMs from Sun’s Java 6 installer. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just do […]

Show ’em how participation is done with a talk at the Red Hat Summit or JBoss World; deadline extended to 16 March


My favorite thing to hear from the mouth of Red Hat’s CEO Jim Whitehurst is (to paraphrase), “Red Hat is here to help customers becomes contributors to the projects that matter to them.” In that vein, I’ve made a few submissions of a talk/keynote, “Participate or Die“, including one to this year’s Red Hat Summit […]

ISV special interest group in Fedora


If you don’t know what an ISV is, then you aren’t part of one. Independent software vendors are everyone from Red Hat to small two-person coding boutiques. They are a group in the business world that has specific needs and problems, which may or may not match with the other needs we have in general […]

EPEL package count


For some reason I thought that I had published a presentation with an EPEL package count that was wildly inaccurate, like 3000 for el4 and 7000 for el5. I could be recalling incorrectly, maybe I’ve always gotten that one right. If you have seen something from me that reports numbers that are high like that, […]