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Apache Hadoop in Fedora? Let’s ask Cloudera

If you happen to be a user of Apache Hadoop, or want to use Cloudera‘s cloud software, it is available as an RPM from the company’s website.  Oh, with a long set of installation instructions that include extracting RPMs from Sun’s Java 6 installer.

I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just do ‘yum install hadoop’ and it would all be taken care of?  So I wrote up a suggestion for Cloudera, “Install in Fedora and Enterprise Linuxes in one step“.

If you are a Hadoop user, a Cloudera customer, or otherwise interested in this technology, feel free to visit the suggestion page and let them know you think is as great an idea as I think it is. 🙂

(Side note: There is a serious lack of software vendors (ISVs) getting applications directly in to Fedora.  They end up duplicating platform components, increasing their QA and support costs.  Many of them are targeting RHEL and derivatives (CentOS, Scientific Linux, etc.) for their customer base, yet they are missing the opportunity to get RHEL 6 alpha and beta testing done six to twelve months in advance.  Because I care, I took on improving this situation as part of my community development job, and am running efforts through the ISV SIG.)