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June, what June?

I just noticed that the entire month of June passed, and I’ve been hidden away from the world – off work, off writing, off any community activities – caring for my wife while she goes through some tough times. She’s not out of the woods entirely yet, but clear fields are in sight and I’ve rejoined the work force. We should be back working our magic at Fairy-Tale Farm within the next week or so, as well.

As I approach my tenth year at Red Hat this coming October, I’m currently focusing on helping wherever I can with our new and existing cloud community efforts, from Red Hat OpenShift to the Fedora Cloud SIG. I’m also working more deeply on The Open Source Way, externally as the canonical upstream location for how-to and why-to do projects within community, and internally as a community consultant across Red Hat. More activity coming on The Open Source Way mailing list, if I have anything to say about it.