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Fedora Board townhall results – 20091202


Today (02 Dec 2009) I moderated the townhall on IRC for the Fedora Board candidates.  Full details are available on the Fedora elections page.

The meeting log is available, and here is the list of questions we went over. A few follow-up questions were chimed in the stream of discussion, so you need to read the full log to find all the questions discussed.

  1. What is a Linux distribution to you and how important is it that the Fedora Project creates one?
    1. What the original question made me ponder is, how important are “ancillary to making a Linux” the various activities in the Fedora Project?  Is it fair to consider them ancillary or are they actually primary?
  2. Aside from a distribution, what other sorts of “deliverables” are important to the Fedora Project?  Are there any deliverables that the Project should be producing that it isn’t?
  3. What do you see as Fedora’s greatest failure in the recent years?
    1. What do you see as Fedora’s greatest triumphs in recent years?
  4. Is important to you to create an official fedora package box: with DVD and manual?
  5. Ok, an education program of some sort seems to fall when within the boundaries set in the project’s mission statement. What factors should go into deciding what activities get to ride in the front seat of the Fedora bus? Or does the primary distinction really not matter much?
  6. How do the candidates feel about the changes occured regarding PackageKit during the F12 launch and the ensuing bad publicity? How could it have been avoided?
  7. What do you think the Board could do in order to help efforts such as that would allow for more brand recognition by allowing more people to obtain Fedora branded gear?

Did I say … V O T E ?