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Hometown libre software love – Santa Cruz Public Library selects Koha


Caught this recently, our local public library has chosen an open source solution (Koha ZOOM) and provider because, “We are convinced that open-source products provide greater functionality and control over what we can do with an ILS system,” (Dan Landry, Director of IT for SCPL). From the press release I was pleased to read that […]

Open Source vs. open source


There is a saying, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay “Self-Reliance.” Ralph is 100% accurate — where the consistency is foolish it is not worth worrying about. (Unfortunately, I often hear this quote with the words “a foolish” dropped; at least, many people seem to think that […]

Mo’ better Fedora marketing


This morning we had a productive teleconference about Fedora marketing. We’ve got a group of interested, motivated, passionate, and experienced marketeers at Red Hat who want to help Fedora marketing. The teleconf was a chance for us to do some ideating about how to introduce that group into Fedora as leaders and doers. A pause […]

Fedora marketing revitalization


As a last hackfest item before my flight, we’re talking with Red Hat’s press/comms superstar Leigh Day about Fedora marketing. She is leading a mini-design thinking session with us around everything from our communications mechanism to how we handle event planning and execution. We’ll have to rely upon someone else here to transcribe our notes, […]