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Category Archives: Responsibility

Where are your FUDCon session notes?


One (of the many) things I appreciated about the last Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit was the immediate availability of session notes on the wiki.  For each session, people wrote a wiki page and linked to it from the main schedule.  I may even have started this practice two years ago, when only the […]

Board break


With people writing about running for the Fedora Project Board, I want to take the chance to say I am not running for election this time. My Red Hat-appointed seat of the last 18 months expires with this election. My interest is in seeing some new blood working on the Board. I haven’t been spending […]

Fedora is about to break what is most important to you …


… and the only way you can prevent it is to test Fedora 10 Alpha. Fortunately this is stupid easy. Grab an Alpha ISO live image, load it on to a USB device, or just run it straight up in a virtual environment either using virt-manager or from the command line: su -c ‘qemu -cdrom […]

Evil planning and world domination to continue for six more months


That’s right, meta-evil planning continues right here, as I remain appointed to the Fedora Project Board. There was only one appointed seat remaining, and through legerdemain, geomancy, and the deployment of the correct team(s) of evil minions engaged in doing my bidding … well, let’s just say it was no contest. To quote myself: On […]

Fluendo, Bastien, et al — I’m sorry fwiw


Since I can’t apologize for the Fedora Board, I’ll apologize and explain for myself. Despite feeling that we are doing the best we can for Fedora in this situation, I feel bad that we abused our relationship with Fluendo. We once again are in the midst of making the same mistake we made for Fedora […]

WTF is the Fedora Project Board


Pardon the epithet in this post’s title. I’ve been hearing this question for a long time, since before I sat on the Board, and ignoring it isn’t making it go away. So I give up already! I’ve now been on the Board long enough to be able to make a reasonable stab at explaining who, […]

Mental breaks while working at home


Over the years I’ve tried not to make a big deal out of being a remote employee, or remotee in Red Hat lingo. I’m a big proponent of distance work, and am now fairly experienced with the last seven years as a 100% telecommuter and distributed team member. But … the topic is a risky […]

Unstalling Fedora Docs


We’ve gotten pretty good at community written release notes. A few more silly bugs for Fedora 8 than before (and my bad for not helping to make them better — this is the first release since FC4 where I didn’t edit the entire release notes before they went over for translation), but really nothing to […]