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Formula for making distance work

Because I have to miss the North American Fedora Ambassadors Day, I’m thinking (as usual!) about the challenges of remotely working with people. Once again, here is a stellar opportunity to figure out how to include the non-there-in-person parts of the community. Especially around planning and decision sessions, which are different from the what a good portion of e.g. FUDCon unconference sessions are.

The main formula is intent + work.

You have to intend to include people who are at a distance and connecting via technology, and you have to do the work to make it happen.

Call to action for this post is: intend to be highly interactive during the FAD and go make it happen. Hint: blogging is not good enough for some of it.

Think about your sessions and how it can help to interact with the rest of us. I recommend a minimum of: live video feed, live audio feed, and IRC, Gobby, and wiki editing projected on the wall. We can also keep a VoIP conference room open, but my instinct is to limit the flow on the incoming voices by subject matter. Beyond that recommendation, a live IRC and wiki-based abd/or Gobby note taking with many laptops in the in-person session is the bare bones, with regular usage of

I’ve been a telecommuting employee for the last eight years, seven of them It is not always easy nor comfortable. Success begins and ends with proper intent and hard work. Because NA Ambassador activities are close to my interest, I’m going to do what I can to be involved in the Ambassador Day … from afar.