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Paris and Milan – Open World Forum and FUDCon


For my first trip out of North America, I’m very excited to be talking at Open World Forum on a panel about community citizenship, in Paris at the end of September. The following weekend I’ll attend FUDCon Milan, where I hope to stir up some cloud community discussions. So how about that for a first […]

Cloud interest at FUDCon Milan


These past 18 months have seen a lot of broken travel plans for me, so I’m so-very-extra-super-excited-and-nervous to be going to FUDCon Milan (and Open World Forum.) My wife, Debora, will be joining me for the travel to Europe – a good thing since her Italian and French are so much better than mine. (I’ll […]

My turn to miss the NA FUDCon


Perhaps I’ve missed one in the past, I don’t recall, but my t-shirt drawer says I’ve been to most of the FUDCons in North America since they started.  As it happens, I have to skip the one this coming weekend in Toronto.  I haven’t been to that fair city and I’d looked forward to meeting […]