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Cloud interest at FUDCon Milan

These past 18 months have seen a lot of broken travel plans for me, so I’m so-very-extra-super-excited-and-nervous to be going to FUDCon Milan (and Open World Forum.) My wife, Debora, will be joining me for the travel to Europe – a good thing since her Italian and French are so much better than mine. (I’ll probably be unable to resist butchering Italian with my Spanglish.)

One reason I’m going to FUDCon is to connect with people about open source cloud communities. While there isn’t enough momentum for an entire conference (yet), consider that at FUDCon Tempe this year there were enough discussions of cloud-related topics that they practically formed a track.

What will the cloud discussions at FUDCon Milan be?

I know of a few cloud/virtualization-related developers who are attending:

OK, that’s not a very long list.

Who else is going? Who can we invite?

What interest can we generate? Anyone want to do  do a “build a cloud with Fedora” or something that attracts systems folks?

What is interesting for developers who want to build on top of these clouds as infrastructure and platforms?

One of us from the Cloud SIG can talk about the general activities in Fedora, so I count at least four cloud related talks in those I’ve listed here.