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Presentation materials for “How to start an open source project of any scope and size”


Here are the slides from my Friday talk at SCALE10x in the FOSS Mentoring track, “How to start an open source project of any scope and size“: ODP and PDF. These slides are (as usual) under a Creative Commons CC BY SA 3.0. Although a brand-new presentation, I think this one went over pretty well. All […]

Applause for “How to ask FOSS developers for features” post


In the vein of other great “how to help in FOSS projects” emails, presentations, and so forth, the Fedora developer list saw another one from Richard ‘hughsie’ Hughes, titled “Sending a sensible email“.  It begins: There appears to be a trend on this list where a random user just posts an inflammatory email with “ACME […]

A better way to use Wikipedia in the classroom


This is an idea I’ve said in presentations and in person over and over again, about time I give it a home. Where Wikipedia is a useful information source and starting place for deeper exploration beyond it’s reference-focused world, there is so much more that can be done with it to help teach the open […]