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Presentation materials for “How to start an open source project of any scope and size”

Here are the slides from my Friday talk at SCALE10x in the FOSS Mentoring track, “How to start an open source project of any scope and size“: ODP and PDF. These slides are (as usual) under a Creative Commons CC BY SA 3.0.

Although a brand-new presentation, I think this one went over pretty well. All of the material I know by heart and can speak on extemporaneously (i.e., for many hours on end). For this reason, my notes section is unusually (for me) empty. I’m going to work on filling out those notes – that makes it more useful for others to reuse, thus adding more fuel to the Creative Commons licensing – and I’ll make a generic version available in presentations directory.

This was a good enough talk that I think it can be useful again in other locations – it really does a good job of distilling a huge amount of the information you need to start, sustain, and grow an open source project. I’ll be submitting it other places, hopefully more people agree with Gareth and put me on somewhere!