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I’m not so hot at fundraising, how about you?


This summer I’ve been trying to find other sponsors for the Fedora Summer Coding program.  Timing was short from the start, but it was worth the effort. I’m not having much success, and I think that’s as much about my weakness in this area as a lack of interest or budget.  I should get out […]

More time for Fedora Summer Coding – schedule moved back a month


In today’s SIG meeting, the group decided to move back our schedule by a month so we can: Give mentors more time to generate good ideas; Give students more time to generate good proposals; Give organizers more time to find sponsors and funding. The last one is the most important to me.  We only have […]

Sponsoring Summer Coding – get and give value


Has your company every wanted to partner with Google on their Summer of Code?  (It’s not something they share, and I know people have asked.) Don’t answer too quickly.  You might want to check with some contacts in other departments, see if there ever has been interest in tapping the deeper benefits of sponsoring a […]

Fedora Summer Coding continues


Fedora Project and were not accepted by Google as an umbrella mentoring organization for their Summer of Code this year.  We’ve been involved since the beginning with many successes. This year we decided to embrace the umbrella organization that Google stitched together from separate and Fedora Project applications a few years ago and […]