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Config tweaks on


Thanks to folks for finding and pointing out the configuration problems on  I’ve still got a BIND configuration to work out, I’ll be haunting #rhel this weekend looking for help. 🙂 To get permissions to edit the wiki, I have put a human in the way (currently just me).  I’m working on getting up […]

Community handbook – The Open Source Way


Introducing a community book written by a community. (read and participate) (HTML, HTML single page, PDF) This is a handbook for creating and nurturing communities of contributors.  It was originally thought of as a cookbook to provide recipes for enacting community the open source way.  It is released under the Creative Commons BY […]

Community Leadership Summit up on the westside


CLS West is happening this Saturday 9 January at DeVry University in Daly City.  I’ll be there all day, talking about catalyzing and community and stuff, then giving an Ignite talk at a closed-door event. This is a follow-up to the successful CLS that occurred before the last OSCON in San Jose.  The idea was […]

Tip – Expose your task list to get help the open source way


We take it as very important to expose your task list, undone and unassigned and everything.  That is, if your goal is to do things the open source way, which you can do regardless of what domain you are in.  Marketing?  Yep. Documentation?  Yep. An example I saw today is in this bug report, where […]