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Config tweaks on

Thanks to folks for finding and pointing out the configuration problems on  I’ve still got a BIND configuration to work out, I’ll be haunting #rhel this weekend looking for help. 🙂

To get permissions to edit the wiki, I have put a human in the way (currently just me).  I’m working on getting up content on the user creation pages that explains how to request access.  I don’t like adding this barrier in an otherwise self-service process, but … default wiki configurations invite spambots, and we don’t have the resources to watch the wiki that way.  For the time being, we’ll have humans create accounts for other humans.

Maybe I can tweak the wiki permission structure so any normal user can create other user accounts?  That plus a detailed how-to page could go a way toward lowering the barrier a bit.  My goal isn’t to approve/disapprove people; anyone who asks and agrees to license under the CC BY SA 3.0 is welcome to participate.

It’s an ongoing situation, and that’s the difficult part of release early, release often.  If I waited until all these things were perfect before releasing, it would take even more months.  As it is, the content itself hasn’t been updated since September 2009.  That was because we got it to the point of being good enough to start working on externally, and it has taken the interim time to arrange and create the upstream hosting.  It’s rough around the edges, but improving every day, in part thanks to all of you finding and reporting problems. 🙂

The next goal is to move beyond the “file bugs and help test things” stage as quickly as possible.