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Monthly Archives: February 2008

*cough, cough* ‘sleep, sleep’ oh what a relief


Short of emailing fedora-announce, I thought a quick blog would help catch a few people who had been trying to get in touch with me this week. I have been deep in the bowels of an evil influenza. And not just me, but my wife, and one of my poor daughters caught at home with […]

How to fish for new contributors


One way … tell it like it is. Make it your mission. Be funny and poignant when you write about it: I just started reading Andrew Lee Rubinger’s blog, or maybe he just began blogging? Not sure, but he has a polished, funny, irreverent, and clean writing style. In particular, I appreciate his thematic […]

Sweet taste of success: Elvis, the Later Years


Nice to see all the green checkmarks of completion: Maybe nicer than a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich. Maybe. Image used under CC-BY-NC-ND from matuko amini.

Chill Out


Today’s photo probably has it’s own name, but I dub it “Chill Out”:

How to create the most popular Fedora sub-project


First, some caveats: Popularity is measured by how many Fedora account system (FAS) members are in the FAS group Overarching groups such as ‘cla_done’ and ‘cla_fedora’ don’t count, since nearly every member has one of those The count here is done today (2008-02-15 2030 UTC); I mirrored a current snapshot here; note that the links […]

Insert favorite Elvis joke here


You may wonder why I don’t use, “Elvis has left the building.” Because he ain’t left, he’s still hanging around, causing a smell in some datacenter in Brisbane, AU. Now, now, I shouldn’t be unkind to this workhorse that has been the upstream for so many Red Hat projects over the years. But now that […]

Heading to JBoss World


About out the door to JBoss World, where I’ll be doing developer community work as the editor of Dev Fu, meaning lots of video and podcasts and audio capture and talking and hackathons and meeting and friend-making and even a party. One goal for me is to see how the community aspects of this […]

Counting words in Emacs


It’s long hassled me that Emacs doesn’t support word count by default. This morning I got tired of using wc to count words and did a little search via Google. Right at the top of the list is DJ Delorie’s “Programming in Emacs Lisp”. This page teaches how to create this function, with a bug-free […]