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*cough, cough* ‘sleep, sleep’ oh what a relief

Short of emailing fedora-announce, I thought a quick blog would help catch a few people who had been trying to get in touch with me this week. I have been deep in the bowels of an evil influenza. And not just me, but my wife, and one of my poor daughters caught at home with us because she still hovered around 100F into the middle of the week. The other daughter had this flu last week. This is the second of the major flus going around that we’ve all caught since I got over the first one just days before JBoss World. Three weeks of sick is the suck.

My fever hasn’t broken yet, but it’s been steadily down over the days. My wife’s mom came flying up from SoCal in her cape and supertights with Ginger the Wonderdog last night to help out. Actually, just a cool Winnebago View (on a Dodge Ram 3500 body with a Mercedes diesel, for the RV geeks out there.) This will help a lot even though we are keeping her out of the house. She can help with the girls and going to the outside world for stuffs. I’ve been doing the cooking and cleaning whilst sick because the flu took my wife down harder than me and caused a (relatively) minor Crohns flare-up.

Still have some timely house things to stumble through today, such as guiding our friend/neighbor who is digging the massive trench for the asparagus roots that unfortunately picked the middle of this week to arrive from the garden supply house. In two years when we have a massive asparagus bed, I’ll be quite happy; right now it’s just a chore I’m too sick to do and too crucial to ignore.

Over this weekend I’ll be catching up on email; doing the few absolutely crucial and already late things I had to do this week; trying to relax some. Here’s hoping it’s sunny, nice, and peaceful for all of us.