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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Random acts of self-sustainability


Without meaning to, I’ve made this blog mostly devoid of thoughts and happenings here on our happy urban farm. Time to stop that. Last September we closed a deal to be tenants-in-common on the property next door, with the part under our control approximately 2350 square feet/218 square meters of raw backyard to garden. Since […]

Reviewing toolchains — publican and /cvs/docs


With all the attention on documentation toolchains in Fedora Docs, I wanted to provide a quick scope on the differences between the toolchain we’ve been using over the years, in /cvs/docs, and the newcomer, publican. The goals are many: introduce a new toolchain to users of the old tools; show the many similarities and few, […]

Seek ye students


In the middle of the Summer of Code proposals process and it’s been a mixed yet mostly good experience. We still have room for more proposals, so keep helping interested students and encourage them to get in a proposal for Fedora or We’ll know at the beginning of next week if the student deadline […]

Document Freedom Day and a taste of bittersweet irony


While I was enjoying my colleague Ruth’s video for Document Freedom Day, I was struck by the irony that to get her message out widely, she was forced to write to a non-free format (Flash). “From our frying pan we leaped … and landed in another frying pan.” Fedora is often in this situation where, […]

Student proposals for Summer of Code 24 to 31 March


One week window to choose and propose. If you are looking to be a mentor, you need to sign in with a Google/Gmail account and request to be a mentor of “The Fedora Project &”: Please do that immediately, thanks!

Chicken excitement


We’re getting ready to finally get chickens for the first time. Our neighbor, who we’re sharing the flock with, has done it before. Micah has been a great help in motivating, as well as working with me to get the henhouse in order and figure out the semi-permanent coop and ongoing daily living situation. Reading […]

Summer coding 2008 with Fedora and


Just spotted the word that the combined projects of Fedora and are accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2008. Fedora’s project ideas page is here, and’s is here. This is the first year that the two organizations have worked together. This was partially at the direction of Google; with […]

2 hours 19 mins until wiki freeze of Docs/Beats/


… then we’ll finish edits and begin conversion to XML. The POT file is due out to Fedora L10n in 26 hours and 19 minutes … Update: oh, yeah, you might have the Fedora 9 release notes schedule memorized, or know that 16 March at 23:59 UTC is when the Docs/Beats/ pages on the wiki […]

Fluendo, Bastien, et al — I’m sorry fwiw


Since I can’t apologize for the Fedora Board, I’ll apologize and explain for myself. Despite feeling that we are doing the best we can for Fedora in this situation, I feel bad that we abused our relationship with Fluendo. We once again are in the midst of making the same mistake we made for Fedora […]

Can you help make the world’s best Linux release notes?


Almost time to freeze and fork the wiki into the Fedora 9 (Sulphur) release notes. This release we did not rely as much upon assigned writers to cover the different content areas (the beats) for two reasons. The developers and packagers have gotten much better at finding and editing their relevant content. Also, the feature […]