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Monthly Archives: January 2011

FUDCon from far afield


While it’s great to see all the enthusiasm and noise from FUDCon, I am sadly observing it all from a far distance … along with 99.9% of the rest of the Fedora Project. I had to cancel my plans to be there in Tempe, AZ this weekend, as well as an earlier this week in-person […]

Community Leadership Summit (CLS) West success from a distance


Today is the Community Leadership Summit West (CLS West) in Daly City. I had to cancel attending today, which meant I was able to put the mantle of talking about The Open Source Way (book and methodology) to my main-man Mark Terranova.  I met Mark at the first CLS in 2009, we’ve become fast friends, […]

A simple offlineimap tip with some mutt goodness


A few years back I switched away from a GUI email client for work and back to ‘mutt’.  While ‘mutt’ can handle doing an IMAP connection directly, I wanted to gain from the speed and portability of having fully local folders.  (This is more feasible, I think, since encrypting hard drives became so much easier; […]

FAIFcast thoughts


Finally got myself to listen to a “Free as in Freedom” oggcast (aka “faifcast”), specifically the newest episode 0x06.  (I’m not a big audiocast listener normally, to really make it worthwhile I have to be actually listening, and I don’t have a lot of deadtime in my day where my brain is unoccupied such as […]

Time to start Fedora GSoC work


As I explained in a previous blog post, I am not going to participate in Fedora’s Google Summer of Code presence this coming year.  If Fedora is going to participate, some of you folks need to start organizing right away. In particular, Fedora’s GSoC team needs some people to work as program administrators, or “admins”.  […]