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FUDCon from far afield

While it’s great to see all the enthusiasm and noise from FUDCon, I am sadly observing it all from a far distance … along with 99.9% of the rest of the Fedora Project. I had to cancel my plans to be there in Tempe, AZ this weekend, as well as an earlier this week in-person planning retreat with the rest of Red Hat’s community leadership team.

Unfortunately, the wonderful woman I’m lucky enough to be married to got hit with the effects of a bout with Crohn’s disease. Over all my years travelling for Red Hat, I have worked really hard to not let that travel overly affect my family, nor let problems here overly affect my showing up for where the work is.

Sometimes, though, that balance doesn’t hold together, as with this week. If you’d like to read more about the other side of that balance, you can catch up on Debbie’s blog, Waiting for the Cure. She’s doing OK, me and the girls are hanging in there, we’re hoping she’s out of the hospital on Monday.

Meanwhile, I’ve done some work to setup BigBlueButton so I can run a remote session at FUDCon about ‘The Open Source Way‘. So, there’s a fair chance that I’ll have a chance to participate after all!