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Community Leadership Summit (CLS) West success from a distance

Today is the Community Leadership Summit West (CLS West) in Daly City. I had to cancel attending today, which meant I was able to put the mantle of talking about The Open Source Way (book and methodology) to my main-man Mark Terranova.  I met Mark at the first CLS in 2009, we’ve become fast friends, and it’s awesome to kick him out of the nest to fly in front of people. He’s very passionate about these topics and lead a great session.  It not only addressed and referenced the handbook, so it was useful to attendees beyond the session, but some great stories came out of the session that we can write up for the book itself.

Mark did some magic to stream a video of the proceedings,  so I was able to watch and lightly participate from remote.  Lightly because, as I predicted, the experience of being in the room was more magnetic to everyone than the video feed out/chat coming in. I expected this, since telepresence is often an audience situation unless it is a centerpiece of the meeting.

Since I was mostly just listening, I took what notes I could around the occasional stream drop, then posted them back to the CLS West wiki:

(I’m not going to embed any of the video because Ustream’s advertising spots are aggressive, so I wanted to give a warning before you get to the video.)