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Off to Sutter’s Fort

In a few hours I’m leaving with my daughters for a California History class trip to Sutter’s Fort, in old town Sacramento.

The entire class are dressing in period costumes and acting as docents for the various exhibits all throughout the day on Tuesday. I’ll be playing “Owen Sumner”, who came to Sutter’s Fort in 1843 with his wife, daughter Lizzie, and other children as part of the Hasting’s party. Malakai is portraying Lizzie Sumner, and Saskia is playing a made-up sister of Lizzie’s. Our main revision of the history of this family is removing a few possible years from Lizzie’s age to be more comfortable to Malakai, who also doesn’t want to be too near to Lizzie’s marriage to George Davis.

After we close the fort to the public tomorrow afternoon, the class is staying for an old fashioned overnight in the fort. I’ll be taking a little bit of watch duty and helping keep the fire going all night, just as was done 164 years ago.